Golden Berry Strain = 60% sativa/40% indica


Golden Berry cannabis strain is a 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid by DNA Genetics. Buds are super resinous and carry Blueberry undertones, with crystal formation being quite impressive. This frosty and fruity strain with spicy citrus notes has desirable bag appeal and strong Kush traits. Suitable for daytime usage.



Golden Berry cannabis seeds by DNA Genetics belong to a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain that originates from the cross between Kushberry and a Jew Gold elite clone. It is a great-quality “Kush” hybrid that features a fruity taste and aroma as well as a heavy yield and a short flowering time. Without any doubt, this plant that boasts “Kush” traits will satisfy connoisseurs of this famous U.S.A. seed. Golden Berry grows in a marvellous medium-sized, vigorous and easy-to-grow marijuana plant that, as long as it is provided with the balanced diet, yields big-sized buds coated in resin. This fast-flowering strain is perfect for the production of clones and for the elaboration of resin extractions, as well.specific—while the taste is reminiscent of blueberry lemonade with a slight skunky aftertaste. This hybrid is described as optimal for pain relief and relaxation due to its indica qualities.

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