GWN Blackberry BHO Vape Tips


Berry strains have gained much appreciation from the ganja community. This strain, in particular, derives from the legendary Black Domina and Raspberry Cough. It’s a part of the “white” family, spanning back to White Widow at some point during its lineage. This cultivar blends both indica and sativa vibes, although one can expect the effects to lean on the buzzy sativa side.


Blackberry Kush is mostly indica strain is a mix of Afghani and Blackberry strains and has beautiful dark purple buds with orange hairs. Blackberry Kush tends to have a hashy, jet fuel smell and taste that is balanced by sweet berries. Blackberry Kush is often recommended for the treatment of pain thanks to its strong indica body effects. This strain is sativa dominant with an 80:20 sativa/indica ratio. The appearance of this strain takes a dark turn during the last stages of flowering. Dark purplish leaves and dark green nugs carry a sense of mystique, which is difficult to explain in human language. The THC-levels reach around 20-25%, which is, like, super potent. 

This cultivar blends both indica and sativa vibes, although one can expect the effects to lean on the buzzy sativa side. Some could class Blackberry as a more connoisseur-ish strain, it has a unique touch although not immensely popular as other strains out there. Let’s dive deep into the Blackberry bushes to discover the true meaning of its essence.

What is the smoke like? – you ask. Imagine walking through the sun infused forests, that your parent took you to before you started sitting at your computer all day. The fresh breeze carries all kinds of scents while caressing your cheeks with bliss. The berry aromas ornamented with earthy undertones enter your nostrils, delighting your senses. After hitting that Blackberry, these nostalgic feels sweep in, enriching your experience of life, while the delightful smoke or vapor gifts the taste buds with all kinds of sweet berry treasures. The effects which Blackberry induces are reminiscent of the buzzy and cerebral sativas out there, very uplifting and energetic, although a unique indica energy lurks within the experience itself, a beloved acquaintance of the sativa spirit. Now, let’s check out how this magnificent cultivar grows.

Medicinal Uses:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Sleep Disorders

Blackberry Kush BHO Vape Pens:

  • AAA+ Blackberry Kush Flowers
  • 1/2 gram of high grade blackberry kush shatter / .6ml cartridge 
  • Nugged Run 
  • Purged at the right temperature for over 100 hours
  • Strength 9/10 Flavor 10/10 Smoke 9.5/10

Extraction Equipment: 

  • Across International’s Closed Loop System
  • Across International’s Ovens
  • Medical-Grade Butane 
  • De-wax Column 
  • All lab graded equipment


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